About the faculty


The vision of the faculty :
Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University , is working to be an enlightenment center in Upper Egypt through a methodology which is coping with the cultural and artistic life variables in order to assert originality and enhance sublime values.
Furthermore , the faculty is keen on being a genuine contribution to human though and promoting communication with the world via preparing graduates acting in accordance with the criteria of the artistes roles and their societies and international activities .The aim behind all of this is to assert the social and national role of art and its stick to human goals .

The mission of the faculty :
The mission of the faculty is building the concepts and developing the quality of the educational programs ، services ، scientific research and community services in different areas of specialization which meet the needs of the local ، regional and international community and compliance with the international standards. In order to achieve this mission the faculty is committed to provide students with research, knowledge ، innovative skills and high professionalism to be able to make logical analysis ، evaluate various choices and live in a multicultural environment .

The establishment of the faculty:

• The faculty was established with the – Ministerial Decree No. 3444/3/1976.

• The Ministerial decree No. 446 of establishing the faculty of Fine Arts was issued in 05/03/1976.
• The academic study in the faculty began in 83/1984 in the extension building of the Faculty of Science then in a special building for the Faculty 90/1991 CE.
• The faculty is located in the compound of faculties within the university campus. It began with the following departments: – (Decoration, Graphics, Painting and Sculpture).
• The University Council approved on establishing the Unit No. 8 in 22/09/1986.
• The rector’s decision No1236 of establishing the unit of the departments of the faculty was issued in 4/11/86.
• The Council of the universities approved on establishing the production unit for students in 24/09/1989.
•The ministerial decision No. 1203 of establishing the departments of Architecture, Reparation and Animation and profile Ceramic in sculpture Department was issued in 09/08/1994.
• The Division of animation became a department.
• The ministerial decision No. 373 of making an internal list for the faculty was issued in 03.03.1998 and it included seven departments which were:

  1. Architecture department.
  2. Decoration department (Internal Design – Art Expressionism).
  3. Painting Department (painting -Wall Painting).
  4. Graphics Department (printed design – book art).
  5. Sculpture department (sculpture arena -prominent Sculpture – casserole).
  6. Reparation Department
  7. Animation cartoon Department.

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